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What our customers are saying

When I think of the future, I think of EvaluatePharma

Senior Director,
Global pharmaceutical company

Customer Testimonials

“When I think of the future, I think of EvaluatePharma.”
Senior Director, Global pharmaceutical company, US based

“The actual sales numbers provided are among the most reliable in the industry.”
Senior Director, Japanese major pharmaceutical company

“I really could not do my job without EvaluatePharma. You guys make me look good all the time.”
Business Development & Licensing, Large Pharmaceutical

“I’ve quickly turned into a big fan of EvaluatePharma.  The information on the website is saving me a lot of time and effort and is really hitting the nail on the head.”
Marketing Director, Global pharmaceutical company, US based

“EvaluatePharma has unique data.”
Market Research Manager, European major pharmaceutical company

“I find EvaluatePharma increases my productivity by allowing analyses much more quickly and thoroughly than I previously was able to do. I think you have put together a great tool. It is clear that you have a great understanding of how to conduct company/therapeutic area analyses and have included that knowledge in EvaluatePharma.”
Top 10 pharmaceutical company

“EvaluatePharma is by far the best database at my disposal...when one comes along like yours that is actually well engineered and does its job well, it’s worth making a note and thanking someone!”
Market Intelligence Manager, API supplier to the pharmaceutical industry

“We don’t want a moment to elapse with not having the Evaluate product – it is a huge asset to our work.”
Major consulting firm

“Good customer service can sometimes be difficult to come across these days, but Evaluate has always been first rate from my experience.”
Major consulting firm

“We find EvaluatePharma an excellent time-efficient one-stop shop for product data...the ability to rapidly analyse large quantities of data and perform what-if analyses, particularly relating to M&A activity, helps to maintain our competitive advantage with clients. We can now perform bespoke tasks in hours as opposed to days.”
Healthcare banker, leading global investment bank

“Terrific info.”
Healthcare banker, European investment bank

“I marvel at how the EvaluatePharma (product) has grown over the recent past. I am finding significant value in recently added EP Vantage Comment and Analysis data stream.  While the majority of stories deal with issues outside my therapeutic focus, I make a point to read every Vantage article that gets posted. I gain a deeper understanding of the complex mesh of issues we in the Pharma industry are facing as we progress through this time of business model review.” 
Manager, Competitor & Scientific Intelligence, European based global pharmaceutical company

“We considered all the available data sources that would support a systematic review of the biopharmaceutical pipeline. We opted for EvaluatePharma because it offered the best balance of breadth of coverage and systematic capture of important variables.”
Vice President, Consulting Firm

“Someone’s actually thought about what’s happened, as opposed to just writing about it....”
Strategy Director, European based global pharmaceutical company

“As always, EP has done a great job of supporting what has become a great resource for my company”
Consultant, Healthcare advisory firm

“We love your product -- I use it every day and cannot imagine my job without it!”
Lead Knowledge Analyst, Healthcare practice, consultancy firm