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When I think of the future, I think of EvaluatePharma

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Global pharmaceutical company

EP Vantage

EP Vantage is Evaluate's award winning daily news service, providing timely financial analysis of regulatory and patent decisions, marketing approvals, licensing deals, and M&A. EP Vantage cuts through the noise to tell you what's important and what you should be paying attention to providing fresh angles and insight daily to both current and future industry triggers.

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Written for pharma and finance professionals, EP Vantage has unique access to proprietary analysis from Evaluate Ltd giving readers insights other sources just can't match:

  • In-depth and incisive analysis of regulatory and patent decisions, marketing approvals, licensing deals and M&A
  • Timely financial analysis of latest events put into context with Evaluate market data
  • Advanced intelligence on potential market catalysts via EvaluatePharma’s Calendar of Events
  • Unique access to EvaluatePharma’s NPV Analyzer to quantify the impact on product and company valuation
  • EventAnalyzer with daily global round up of share price movements plus the story behind latest market moves
  • Fast easy search by Company, Product, Therapeutic Focus, Deals, Regulatory, R&D and more

After just four years of publishing, EP Vantage was recognised by the industry for perceptive and penetrating coverage of the sector and awarded Commentator of the Year prize at the 2011 European Mediscience Awards in London.

“Someone’s actually thought about what’s happened, as opposed to just writing about it....”
Strategy Director, European based global pharmaceutical company

“I make a point to read every EP Vantage article that gets posted. I gain a deeper understanding of the complex mesh of issues we in the pharma industry are facing as we progress through this time of business model review.”
Manager, Competitor & Scientific Intelligence, European based global pharmaceutical company