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Evaluate European Drug Forecasts to 2024

Real-world, country level historic product sales and consensus based forecasts.

Conduct European market sizing, R&D horizon scanning and price comparison utilising real world government and company reported sales data with country level, consensus based product forecasts to 2024.

European Drug Forecasts

EvaluatePharma European Drug Forecasts offer a single solution for business development and licensing, commercial and corporate strategy, consultants and investment banks:

European Market Sizing
Forecasts for key branded drugs at a European country level - market value of over €100bn in 2024

  • Conduct future market assessment
  • Map future trends of key marketed drugs
  • Profile in line products

Model Future Pipeline Impact
Full forecast pipeline for R&D products launching in Europe – market value €30bn

  • Map key pipeline assets that are likely to launch by 2024 and measure impact
  • Identify new medicines and how they impact therapy areas

Competitive Landscaping
Historical government and company reported sales data (EU 5 and other key markets)

  • Compare product performance across key European markets
  • Map uptake trends and drivers across European countries
  • Understand drug launch timelines across 20 countries

Pricing Comparison Analysis Across Countries
Ex-factory pricing data for Germany, France, Italy, England, Poland, Spain and other key markets

  • Perform comparative analysis across EU 6 countries for key products
  • Use price/DDD benchmark to inform quick assessment of new assets

European Drug Forecasts are available as an add on module to EvaluatePharma.

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