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Big Changes for Medtech in First Half of 2015 While Pharma Set To Break Records

EP Vantage Releases New Half Year Reviews for the Pharma and Medtech Industries

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LONDON, BOSTON, TOKYO (August 20, 2015) — The first half of 2015 has continued to confound the naysayers of the pharma industry, with deal making, venture funding and share price indices all going strong.  Meanwhile, the medtech sector is much changed from a year or even six months ago, with some of the biggest names shifting to take a larger share of the market and others moving out of it altogether.

Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2015 Highlights:

  • The year started with one of the biggest venture rounds ever with the $450 million Moderna Therapeutics managed to secure from its investors in January.
  • VCs gifted $3.8 billion to companies at the half-year point signifying that 2015 could once again raise the bar in terms of funding totals.
  • On average, the 32 floats this year yielded only a three percent discount from the listed range, and increased in value by 23 percent since their IPOs.

“The big question as ever with the industry is how much is too much but so far, it looks as if 2015 will not be the year when the bottom falls out of the market,” said Lisa Urquhart, EP Vantage editor and co-author of the report. “It looks for now like the sector is heading for what will hopefully be a gentle slowdown rather than a full-blown crash.”

The full version of the Pharma & Biotech Half-Year Review 2015 can be at downloaded for free at www.evaluategroup.com/PharmaBiotechHalfYear2015.

Medtech 2015 Half-Year Review Highlights:

  • The first half of 2015 saw 86 mergers and acquisitions in the medtech industry, but the figure for the total value of mergers closed is anything but average at a whopping $83 billion.
  • Just $1.6bn was raised in venture funding in the first half, and while in the first half of 2014 there were three rounds of $100m-plus, this time no company has broken the $60m mark.
  • The FDA granted either a first-time premarket approval or a humanitarian device exemption to 26 devices, compared with 33 during the whole of 2014, putting this year on track to see the most device approvals for a decade.

“With the huge and exciting changes that have gripped the industry over the past year having for the most part been brought to their respective conclusions, the sector seems to have attained a level of stability,” said Elizabeth Cairns, EP Vantage medtech reporter and co-author of the report. “But start-ups are facing a worsening funding gap, and it will be crucial that this eases if a steady flow of safe and effective medical technologies is to be maintained.”

The full version of the Medtech Half-Year Review 2015 report can be downloaded for free at www.evaluategroup.com/MedtechHalfYear2015.

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