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Blockbuster Launches and Limited Impact of US Biosimilar Entrants Sustain Biopharma’s Momentum in 2016

New EP Vantage Pharma & Biotech 2016 Preview report now available

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LONDON, BOSTON, TOKYO (December 18, 2015) — Despite the recent downturn in investor sentiment in the pharma and biotech sectors, 2016 is set to see research and development productivity continue to grow with significant new drug launches and a limited impact of patent expiries. The Pharma & Biotech 2016 Preview report from EP Vantage, the editorial arm of market intelligence firm Evaluate Ltd, is available to download here.

According to the Pharma & Biotech 2016 Preview report, 2016 will see:

  • The launch of 12 blockbusters
  • Pfizer overtaking Novartis to be industry’s biggest company by sales – even without Allergan
  • AstraZenca slipping to the bottom of the top 10 biggest companies
  • Humira remaining the industry’s biggest selling drug
  • Gilead topping 2016’s biggest launches with its combination HIV drug
  • AbbVie and AstraZeneca facing the biggest patent risks
  • Payer concerns on pricing could further dampen valuations

Blockbuster drug launches will continue to set the tone in 2016, with a dozen therapies seeking FDA approval next year. Roche will cement its position as one of the most efficient drug developers by having two of the biggest launches in 2016 - the late entry PD-L1 antibody for non-small cell lung cancer and multiple sclerosis drug, ocrelizumab.

Unlike past years, patent expiries will have minimal impact on some companies, thanks to the remaining difficulties of bringing biosimilars onto the market in the US. AbbVie’s best selling drug, Humira, will lose exclusivity in the US in 2016, but is not forecast to lose any of its $16 billion of sales.

“The picture may look very rosy as the recent uptick in productivity appears to be continuing and for many, the threat of biosimilars is just that, and not a reality,” said Lisa Urquhart, EP Vantage Editor, and joint report author. “The one fly in the ointment for the industry could be the continued focus on pricing. Concerns around pricing from payers and politicians have already impacted valuations and we could see a further slide in 2016.”

The complimentary Pharma & Biotech 2016 Preview report based on market intelligence from EvaluatePharma® can be downloaded at www.evaluategroup.com/PharmaBiotech2016Preview.

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