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EvaluatePharma Analysis Provides Insight on Tomorrow’s BioPharma Landscape with Close-Up Look at NASDAQ Biotech Index

New report reveals a coming surge of biologics; prescription sales of leading biotech firms expected to top $129 billion by 2018

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BOSTON (June 18, 2012) —EvaluatePharma®, the premier source for pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector analysis and consensus forecasts, today released a report, titled “Surveying Tomorrow’s BioPharma Landscape: The NASDAQ Biotech Index Up Close,” which shows that the quantity of biologic drugs on the market will likely soar by 2018.  A thorough analysis of companies listed on the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI) revealed that while less than 10 percent of these companies’ currently marketed products are biologic drugs — pharmaceuticals derived from living organisms — these products comprise a hefty 40 percent of the companies’ drug pipelines.  The report is available for download at www.evaluatepharma.com/NBI2012 

The EvaluatePharma report also reveals the diversity of the 117 companies listed on the index with insights about pipeline development and consensus sales estimates.  The analysis points to a growing focus on biologics, including drugs treating cancer, infection and central nervous system diseases.

EvaluatePharma — the first company to provide reliable consensus forecasts of global drug sales — developed the report to give investors and the life science community at large a better understanding of the products and trends driving the index.

The NASDAQ Biotech Index is cited all around the world, but rarely do we see a detailed aggregate analysis of these leading, publicly traded biotechnology companies. This analysis provides insight into the breadth and scope of today’s products and looks at where this dynamic sector is heading.

Among the report’s key takeaways: 

  • Industry-Beating Sales Growth: The compound annual sales growth of prescription drugs generated by companies in the NASDAQ Biotech Index is expected to reach 8.3% in the 2011-2018 period — well above the 3.1% forecasted for the wider pharmaceutical industry as stated in the EvaluatePharma’s recent report, “World Preview 2018: Embracing the Patent Cliff.” Prescription sales from NBI-listed companies are estimated to reach more than $129 billion by 2018, almost double the $74 billion they generated in 2011.
  • Unexpected Product Winners: By 2018, the highest-selling drug of any NBI-listed company is expected to be Celgene’s Revlimid — a small molecule compound derived from the controversial 1950s drug thalidomide and approved in 2006 to treat a rare cancer. Revlimid’s sales could top $6.7 billion by then, with Gilead’s newly-acquired Phase II Hepatitis C therapy GS-7977 potentially a close second.
  • Pipeline Points to More Biologics: Growth of Oncology, Anti-Infectives and CNS products: NBI-listed companies have nearly 700 drugs in clinical trials, with 67% of their pipeline focused on cancer, anti-infectives and central nervous system diseases. Biologic drugs make up 42% of the NBI companies’ pipelines, compared with only 8% of their marketed products today.

Access the complete report online. A PDF version is available at www.evaluatepharma.com/NBI2012.  

Complimentary copies of World Preview 2018 are also available for download at www.evaluatepharma.com/wp2018.

About EvaluatePharma

Since 1996, EvaluatePharma has been the premier source for life science sector analysis, delivering exclusive, trusted commercial insight into industry performance through its proprietary platform. EvaluatePharma is staffed by a team of over 85 dedicated healthcare analysts employing rigorous methodologies to collate, organize and deliver the most-up-to-date commercial performance data available. An award winning editorial team of journalists writing under the EP Vantage name support EvaluatePharma’s analysis.  In October 2012, EvaluatePharma launches its EvaluateMedTech™ service providing the first global consensus view of the medical device and diagnostic industry. The EvaluatePharma services enable the life science community to make sound business decisions about value and opportunity.

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