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Press Release

EvaluatePharma® Launches Tracking Drugs@FDA 

Tracking Drugs@FDA and Orange Book Patent Data Provides Unrivaled Analysis of FDA Market Intelligence

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LONDON (October 22, 2012)— EvaluatePharma, the premier source for life science sector analysis and consensus forecasts, today launched a new service enhancement, Tracking Drugs@FDA, which gives clients access to the entire universe of approved FDA drugs and the related FDA document library as well as FDA Orange Book patent data – all fully integrated into the industry-leading EvaluatePharma platform and analytical tools.

“Through our proprietary software platform and meticulous data standardization, Tracking Drugs@FDA finally unlocks the value of the massive FDA approval & patent datasets, whatever your area of interest might be,” said Anthony Raeside, Head of Research, EvaluatePharma.

Tracking Drugs@FDA provides unmatched regulatory approval analysis such as the ability to:

  • Find in-depth information on FDA approved brand names, generic drugs and therapeutic biological products, including orphan drugs
  • Track FDA approvals by company, pharma class, therapeutics area, indication and formulation
  • Review labels for approved drug products
  • Track generics landscape against a brand name drug product using a unique Generics Availability analysis field to detail active approvals (ANDA) and tentative approvals
  • Find therapeutically equivalent drug products for a brand name or generic
  • Analyze the entire generic landscape by EvaluatePharma’s proprietary generic equivalent field: active ingredient, formulation and dosage
  • Access Orange Book data to track latest product patent and exclusivity
  • Find products approved by company

Tracking Drugs@FDA also features the standard capabilities provided by EvaluatePharma’s proven platform including the ability to search and drill-down in fine detail, create and export highly customized reports and manage and receive new deeper-level data alerts via email.

Tracking Drugs@FDA is included in the latest version of the EvaluatePharma service, which covers the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. Learn more about Tracking Drugs@FDA and how you can gain access to intelligence you can act on.

About EvaluatePharma

Since 1996, EvaluatePharma has been the premier source for life science sector analysis, delivering exclusive, trusted commercial insight into industry performance through its proprietary platform. EvaluatePharma is staffed by a team of over 85 dedicated healthcare analysts employing rigorous methodologies to collate, organize and deliver the most-up-to-date commercial performance data available. An award winning editorial team of journalists writing under the EP Vantage® name support EvaluatePharma’s analysis. The company’s newest service offering, EvaluateMedTech™, provides the first consensus view of the medical device and diagnostic industry. The EvaluatePharma services enable the life science community to make sound business decisions about value and opportunity.

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