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EvaluatePharma® Adverse Events



EvaluatePharma®  Adverse Events can be used to understand emerging adverse event trends, conduct comparative safety assessments of drugs through access to statistical severity rankings and the ability to predict future regulatory action.

Evaluate have collaborated with AdverseEvents, Inc. (AEI) to provide a unique service that combines AEI’s high quality FAERS post-approval safety data and proprietary analyses with the power of EvaluatePharma® commercial intelligence and evaluation tools - Key Features. This insight can finally be leveraged in commercial assessments, licensing/M&A, competitive positioning, clinical trial designs and safety monitoring.

EvaluatePharma Adverse Events Case Study


EvaluatePharma's new report Optimising Clinical Trial Strategy by Analysing Marketed Drugs Adverse Events  shows how adverse events data submitted to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) can be used by Commercial Insights and Clinical Trial Project Teams to proactively incorporate enhanced safety monitoring plans and risk mitigation strategies at a much earlier stage in clinical development, aiding regulatory discussions and chances of approval.


This is the first in a new series of case studies demonstrating how EvaluatePharma®  Adverse Events can be applied by commercial, clinical, business development and launch teams to gain competitive advantage:

  • Commercial Insights Teams: Accessible, actionable FAERS data for high quality internal reports and analyses
  • Business Development Teams: Risk assessment in investment decisions for ROI
  • Clinical Trial Project Teams: Insights for clinical trial strategy & planning to save R&D costs
  • Launch, Brand & Marketing Teams: Optimised positioning & labeling for brand performance
  • Pharmacovigilance: Proactive monitoring of product warning signals

Download EvaluatePharma Optimising Clinical Trial Strategy by Analysing Marketed Drugs Adverse Events