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EvaluatePharma Japan Sales, Volume, Pricing 2015

Download EvaluatePharma Japan Sales, Volume, Pricing 2015

Despite depreciation of the Japanese Yen, the overall output of the Japanese drug industry measured by expected peak sales potential of newly National Health Insurance (NHI) reimbursed drugs surged to $34 billion between 2010-2014, up from $16.9 billion during 2005-2009



Key highlights of the report include:

  • Peak sales forecast of newly reimbursed drugs surged to $34 billion between 2010-14 compared to $16.9 billion during 2005-09
  • Quantity of reimbursed drugs increased 8 percent to 64 in 2014 vs. 2013; peak sales forecasts increased 19 percent in 2014 to $6.3 billion
  • The median reimbursed price for Japanese drugs between 2005-14 was 40 percent lower than the US; 20 percent lower than Germany
  • New endocrine drugs have the highest peak sales potential with central nervous system drugs coming in second
  • Median annual cost of new drugs jumped to $837 (¥95k) in 2010-14 from $697 (¥82k) in 2005-09

Download EvaluatePharma Japan Sales, Volume, Pricing 2015

The report was derived from Evaluate's new EvaluatePharma Japan, Sales, Volume, Pricing Intelligence, which is now available alongside the U.S. analysis and fully integrated into the service. This new analysis provides an integrate, single source for current and historic pricing, approval details and cost per patient analysis.

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